miércoles, 10 de noviembre de 2010


Hello everyone, it might sound a little nerd, but my one of my favourite games when I was a child it’s the Dragon Ball Z: Super Butōden 3 and it is a videogame made for the console Super Nintendo.

To play Dragon Ball Z you obviously need to have controls and just learn fighting with your friends or with the computer, but at least for me, playing with the computer is very boring.

Now that I remember I played this game once or two times in a week, in a friend’s house, because even that I had the Super Nintendo I didn’t have that game.
I principally played this game with my childhood friend, his brother and sometimes too with my brother.

The main reason of why I enjoy and like so much this game it’s because I always had loved Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, they are my favourite anime series of all times and too was the favourite of my friend. Other reason was that even I didn’t like all the videogames that existed on those years, I always tought that this was very good, because the way that the characters were made represented the characters of the Tv series and too for the reason that I enjoy a lot fighting games, and this was the first game of this kind that I played.

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  1. :O super nintendo!!! I still have one in my home, but i don´t play this game, i play donkey kong xD

  2. Who did not play Super Nintendo and watched Dragon Ball, had no childhood.

  3. I saw only the Dragon Ball series in a TV, didn't play this game.

  4. This game is a leyend. I never understan the character´s voice but was funny!!

    Bye looser