jueves, 21 de octubre de 2010

A meeting with a famous one

Hello classmates and teacher, related with the topic of today, I am not really interested in the famous people, because I think that we can’t know how they are really are, but if I had to choose one, the famous person that I would like to meet is the well-known American cartoonist and producer Matt Groening, I guess that all have heard of him, he is the creator of The Simpsons and Futurama.
I would like to meet this guy, because I think that the two TV series invented by him, are simply awesome and very original, both of them. The contents of the chapters have a great mix of elements, but the principal is the parody to the american people their cotidian lifes.
The things that I would like to talk with him aren’t very important topics, I would ask him how he can think in all the facts and answers that happpen to his characters, I would ask him that he loves the beer like Homer, that kind of stuff.
I think that meeting Matt Groening would be interesting, because his creations and the kind of jokes that are showed on his series are unique, I guess that Matt it’s a relaxed man, that can joke with all kind of topics, like political, religion, social problems, etc. Because of this I think that he is the kind of person that can talk all the topics having his opinion, but not getting blinded with his ideas.

jueves, 7 de octubre de 2010


A perfect day

Hello, thinking about in a perfect day for me, I believe that is relative, because the kind of day for me it is related with my mood, but anyway I think that I would like to spend a half of the day with my girlfriend, doing anything maybe walking, I don’t know, but spending time with her, this for many reasons, but principally because how I feel staying with her. Other persons with who I would spend a perfect day should be with my friends of the school and of the university, drinking many beers and “Piscolas”, the place could be my home or a friend’s house, other very important person is “El Roa!!!!”, and would like to joke, laugh and drink some beers and get stoned with him.

Out of this, I that day I would like to spend some time alone, listening my favourite music and walking around and too in this day I would like eat something that I really enjoy, like a Barros Luco or a Chorrillana, but this I would decide it that day.

In general I have done all this things and they aren’t very extreme or inusual, but for me are very important moments in my life and I really enjoy them a lot.

I think that all can have a perfect day in the way that each one of us focus on this and have the will to do it.

That it is,good bye and see you around.