jueves, 12 de agosto de 2010

Traveling and Boxing

Hello everyone, today I will write about the activities that I would like to do and it is traveling, I would like to trip to a few places or cities out of Chile, and the principal reason it’s because I am a little bored of the people of the city where I live and would like to know other people and the activities that they do and too I would like to know quiet places out of here.

Other activity that I would like to do is to boxing, this combat sport has always called my attention, I think that is very pasional and a linker between the body and the spirit, and in the ring you can demostrate that the strength of the mind and the heart can be expressed fighting.

Personally, I think that i would be very good in this sport, because I am in a good physical condition and I have all the desire necessary to win a fight. Even that, I’m 19 years old and to do this sport you need to start learning and practicing more young than that, but I will practice boxing anyway like a hobbie.

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